Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My partner's name does not show up in the dropdown when I try to sign up for a doubles (or mixed) event. Why isn't he/she in there?
    Your partner needs to create a user account on Simply Compete here and confirm his/her email address. Then their name will show up in the doubles (mixed) partner dropdown.
  2. I am uploading my child's birth certificate on Simply Complete. How do I know it will be safe?
    We have outsourced the responsibility of securing birth certificates, passport ID pages, and profile pictures to Amazon Inc's S3 service. They specialize in handling these issues. You can find details on how Amazon secures these documents here.
  3. I don't want people to see which events I am signing up for. Does Simply Compete keep tournament entries private?
    Yes. An athlete (or parent of an athlete) on Simply Compete only has access to his or her (or their child's) tournament entries. The only other people who have access to this entry information is tournament organizers and USA Badminton staff. We have also taken reasonable steps to prevent one athlete "hacking" another athlete's account.
  4. I have a suggestion for some more FAQs. How can I get them on here?
    We would gladly add more FAQs here that help our users. Please send your suggestions to
  5. If I already have a non-Coach account, is it possible to apply for a Coach Account?
    Yes. If you are an athlete and would like to apply for a Coach Account, log into your account and click on "Become a Coach" on your dashboard.
  6. Why haven't results from a tournament been included in Junior Ranking?
    There are several possible reasons:
    1. The tournament was held more than a year ago and is too old to be included in junior rankings.
    2. The same tournament was held more recently. If a tournament is held more than once in a year, only the latest tournament results are included in the junior rankings.
    3. The tournament results have not been uploaded to Simply Compete yet. This is the responsibility of the tournament director. Simply Compete is not responsible for making sure tournament results have been uploaded correctly.
  7. How can a tournament director upload tournament results after the tournament has concluded?
    1. Login to your Simply Compete account.
    2. Click on "ADMIN DASHBOARD" link at the top. If this link does not exist, please reach out to us. This means that you do not have the required privileges.
    3. Click on "Manage Tournaments".
    4. Click on the view icon corresponding to the tournament that you have concluded and want to upload the results for.
    5. Click on "Upload Tournament Results".
    6. Follow the three steps for uploading tournament results.
      Errors with the upload are displayed at the top. If you have successfully uploaded results, you will see the following message at the top: "Uploaded tournament results successfully."